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            Maria was born in Sicily and immigrated to the United States, with her family, when she was in her early teens. She began her formal art education after she married, while raising a family, earning a Bachelor of Arts from Eastern Michigan University and a Master of Arts from Wayne State University. She went on to teach fine art and photography at Green Hills School in Ann Arbor Michigan.

            After moving to Arizona with her husband, Maria dedicated her time to personal work. She continued painting and began to explore sculpture as an art form. She studied with Richard Greeves, Bruno Lucchesi and Lincoln Fox. Her figurative bronzes gained recognition after appearing in shows in Colorado, Arizona and New York and are in several private collections. Maria’s bronzes are currently represented by Wild Holly Gallery in Carefree, Arizona.

            Maria works in a traditional academic style with her oil paintings. Her painting process is the application of layers of transparent oil paint with attention to intricate detail, in the manner of the Dutch masters. Her portrait work was strongly influenced by an intense workshop with artist, David Kassan. Maria’s paintings have appeared in group shows at the Studio Gallery of San Francisco, and the National Arts Club of New York.

            Maria lives and works in San Francisco with her writer husband and her dog Twinkie.


Artist Statement


            Art has always been a part of my life, being influenced by the abundance of ancient architecture and beautiful frescoes. As I child I may not have understood their worth, but the eye absorbs, and mind captures. My parents always encouraged my drawing and later my husband and family supported my pursuit of an art education.

            My paintings range from portraits to cityscapes, still life and landscapes. I am moved by the sights of a big city, the hustle and bustle of its people, as well the quiet and majesty of nature. The subjects for sill life that I respond to can range from sentimental to quirky or to the common everyday object. I simply hope to engage the viewer in thought or make them smile.

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